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Sådan fungerer osmose-systemet


What does osmosis mean?

Osmosis is water diffusion through a semipermeable membrane, due to particles on either side of the membrane.

Or in Danish. Osmosis means water that penetrates the wall, as a result of which the negative charged H2O particles looking for the positively charged particles on the inside of the wall.moisture expert

The osmosis box turns the negatively charged water particles so that they penetrate through the wall rather than into the wall.

This is how we do

If the humidifier estimates that the osmosis system can remedy your moisture problem, we first do control measurements on different places on the walls, so we have a preliminary result to compare with.

Then we put a device in a central place in the basement where its reach can reach all walls affected by moisture. There are different sizes of osmosis devices, so we assess which one fits your basement.

The box connects to your power supply and starts up. Then do not do anything other than regular cleaning of the box's exterior.

After 6 months, we will conduct a check measurement that shows how much the box has reduced the moisture content in your walls.